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Heritage a vision to reshape future!

The Pakistani society, as portrayed by the media nationally & internationally is one which is consumed with economic-political negativity & insecurities. The generic outlook of the image of our country is projected as an unsafe zone, an unfriendly & unwelcoming place – an image far from the Pakistan I see.

I began my journey of dance, years ago in London & whilst dance was my world I was always in search of ‘something’ that completed my puzzle.  . It wasn’t until I returned to my land that I found this missing piece – my roots. My return led me through an amazing journey of self-discovery and of this beautiful land called Pakistan. It taught me about the Sufi’s, our history, our music, our classical and folk dance traditions and the rich cultural heritage that I belonged to. I was thirsty to experience as much as I could as I soaked in travelling around Pakistan, acting on Television, learning the music and classical dance traditions meeting people and artists from different parts of the country. I learnt about culture and traditions of civilizations that had existed upon this soil, visiting historical places of the Mughal era, Taxila and Mohenjo-Daro that endorsed the evidence of an extremely organized civilization with strong roots in spirituality, music and dance.

The more I learnt about the rich culture & arts of Pakistan, the more I wanted to project this new image of my country – one that highlights our heritage, culture, art & most importantly the uniqueness of the Pakistani artist. The Pakistani artist who struggled due to lack of Performing Art Institutions and platforms, lack of opportunities, lack of research, documentation or preservation for the future young new generations to come.  Here are the roots of a 5000 years old matured civilization with its elements of knowledge, learning, art, music, poetry, dance and heritage but unfortunately all unaccounted for. What would we have to show in another 50 years from now? A simple reply nothing.
Therefore, I decided to live here, to own Pakistan as my land and to eliminate the disconnect that most people had amongst our society & urge them to take ownership towards our music, classical dance traditions & our cultural heritage.

I have always believed that Performing Arts can transform lives & redefine societies & with this belief I embarked on my journey of creating awareness of the power of the performing art & it’s need for us as a country to present a soft image of who we really are and not as we are being projected globally, a land of war and terrorism. Through the performing arts I aimed to bring about a new interpretation of our life codes, reduce stress & depression in our society, promote & encourage artists to perform & express & to highlight the richness of Pakistani arts.

This was my inspiration which motivated me to create my foundation, the Nighat Chaudhry Foundation.

Nighat Chaodhry
Founder & CEO
Vision image
NCF envisions a tolerant society which allows its people to experience the transformative power of art and culture for growth and development; where art is integrated into our daily lives and is available for all to enjoy regardless of religion, gender, class and ability.
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Our mission is to harness the transformative power of arts to change society. We enrich and empower lives through creation and presentation of exceptional art experiences that inspire, motivate and bring communities together. And through our different projects safeguard the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Pakistan.
Objectives image
  • To document and archive performing arts and artists in Pakistan.
  • To use art and cultural activities to; highlight socially relevant issues like growing intolerance in society, empower individuals and groups to act as change makers and promote tolerance, equality and peace. 
  • To establish a resource center for performing arts education and do capacity building through trainings and workshops for entertainment industry professionals in Pakistan.
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At NCF, we affirm the dignity, potential and contribution of participants, donors, partners and staff regardless of religion, gender, class and ability.
At NCF, we act consistently with NCF's vision and mission, being honest and transparent in what we do and say, and accept responsibility for our collective and individual actions.

At NCF, we work together effectively to promote arts and culture as a service to the society at large.
At NCF, we constantly challenge ourselves to the highest levels of learning and performance to achieve greater impact.

Nighat Chaodhry


An exponent of Eastern mysticism and grace, Nighat Chaodhry began her journey in London. Growing up, dance was her expression of choice and she studied ballet and contemporary dance.

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Yahya P. Rana


Chief Marketing Officer - Yahya Parveze Rana is a 17 years plus internationally experienced & recognized marketing professional, and has played a solid role in working with the corporate sector across the globe and promoting the Pakistani image internationally.

Asfandyar Khattak


Chief Documentation Officer

Omer Shahzad


Chief Media Officer

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Institute Of Performing Arts

The Institute of Performing Arts (IPA) is an initiative of The Nighat Chaodhry Foundation which was established in February 2015, in Lahore.

There is a tremendous need for the performing arts. Society is disconnected from its own roots. People are living with insecurities, stress, depression, un-channeled emotions, a disowning of our culture, heritage, and creativity resulting in a dire need of revival of our identity. Thus the idea of an Institute of Performing Arts took birth; where all forms of performing arts under one roof could play that role of empowering all in search of self.

An empowered and aware society where people accept, celebrate and have chosen to take, performing arts as part of their life.

• Establish a Performing arts University in Pakistan.

• To create awareness about the rich cultural heritage of Pakistan
• To start regular classes of dance, theatre, and music
• To develop linkages and association with international institutes and universities
• To start international certified courses on performing arts

IPA can be reached at 

• Develop curriculum on different genre of performing arts
• Regularize teaching classes for Performing arts
• Start a discourse around performing arts
• Showcase performances
• Soul-centered programming
Cultural Custodians Of Pakistan imageCultural Custodians Of Pakistan image
Cultural Custodians Of Pakistan is an initiative of Nighat Chaodhry foundation.

Prevailing & preserving the rich culture & heritage of Pakistan. Founded & Owned by the world renowned Kathak dancer 'Nighat Chaodhry'.

CCOP can be reached at

Personal Assistant

Lahore, Pakistan - 54353
World-renowned Kathak specialist, actress, famous social icon & ‘Pride of Performance’ award holder ‘Ms. Nighat Chaodhry’ is seeking full time services of a Personal Assistant to be based in DHA Lahore.

Qualifications & Requirements

  • At least a graduate in education
  • Charming & Pleasant Personality
  • Proficient in written & spoken English
  • Computer & Phone usage literacy (Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone)
  • Social Media Literacy & Understanding
  • Interpersonal, Communication, Administrational, Organizational, Operational, Time-Management & Research Skills
  • Understanding of working with a celebrity is a plus.
  • Daily and day-to-day management plus regular correspondence all around
  • Oversee scheduling and calendar appointments
  • Coordinating all projects going on
  • Monitoring emails and responding them on time as directed
  • Preparing communications
  • Answering phone calls
  • Answering messages as and when needed without delays
  • Organizing & planning travel and itineraries
  • Organizing and planning meetings & appointments
  • Taking notes and writing minutes during meetings
  • Conducting and preparing any research, as and when required
  • Various ad hoc requests
Apply Now
  • No 233, Q Block, DHA, Lahore - Pakistan.

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